Regional Convention: BSNA Michigan Regional Convention Report

My sincere thanks to you all who participated and helped in setting up the First regional convention of BSNA held on September 4, 2010 in Michigan. This was a very successful Convention. A good number of attendees enjoyed the convention thoroughly.We started the Convention with Ganesh Stuti followed by Saraswati Vandana by Dr. Mithelesh Mishra from Grand Rapids. Dr. Ajay Pandey, President Michigan Chapter, welcomed the guests and Mr. Tilak Sharma introduced Dr. Om Sharma, President BSNA. Dr. Om Sharma briefed the attendees about the activities and goals of BSNA. He also described the future plans of BSNA. This was followed by lunch and the introductions of the attendees.

Dr. Kewal Tewari started the plenary session with a presentation on Astrology and predestination of life, followed by talk on "Brahma Janati Te Brahmana" by Shri K. J. Sharma of New Jersey. He enlightened the guests on who is Brahmana and enumerated the duties of Brahmana. The last talk of the plenary session was given by Shri Purushottam Sharma on "Evolution of Brahman and mankind" where he discussed the Brahma and the creation of Ten Rishi's as prajapati, who created the Srashti - The mankind. He briefly discussed the Gotra of Brahmans. This was followed by refreshment break.

During Youth Forum youths presented their views and suggestions as to how BSNA could attract more youths. Attendees were Dr. Shanti Rao from Windsor, Sapna and Sachin Sharma, Saurabh and Rahul Pandey, Aashis and Rishi Tripathi.

After listening to the youths, Dr. Ajay Pandey invited two suggestions from each participant. The most common were the Networking for Youths, Face book on BSNA web site, social activities for 13 to 17 year age youths and mentoring the youths.

Cultural program was enhanced by Mr. Tilak’s and Mrs. Shashi Sharma’s performances who entertained the audience with melodious evergreen Hindi songs. As usual, Mrs. Meena Sharma from Lansing made the participants laugh with her jokes. Mr. Tilak Sharma recited a few Hindi Kavitas. Mr. Chakra Dhar Sharma presented a Hindi movie song. By then the crowd was all anxious to participate and showed their talent in the form of songs and jokes. Sohail gave us two wonderful ghazals.
The program ended with a sumptuous dinner.

Shri Tilak Sharma concluded the meeting by thanking the participants, Sohail and his staff for all the arrangements.

Personally my sincere thanks to Rashmi and Arun Upadhyay for providing publicity of BSNA Convention, Mr. Kamal and Mrs. Krishna Sharma for hosting Dr. Om Sharma and Shri K. J. Sharma and helping in preparation of the Convention, Mr. Tilak and Mrs. Shashi Sharma for arranging the place for Convention and the cultural program, Dr. Ajay and Madhu Pandey to help me at every step of Convention arrangements. Of course, all thanks to my wife Kusum Sharma for her support and encouragement. Thanks to all the participants. Without their presence and support, the Convention would not have been so successful.

Mr. Purushottam Sharma
Bloomfield Hills, MI

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